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Julie and Ron Gray are your nice, every-day people.  They thought they were doing the right thing when they decided to purchase a caravan through their local dealer in Queensland. Their goal was to pay the van off by the time it was built and delivered.

Making regular payments they constantly kept in touch with the dealer enquiring what stage their van was at and when they could expect it to be delivered.

Imagine how surprised they were when, at over $100,000 in, their van fully paid for, they discovered the dealer had gone out of business.

It was only after Julie made a call to George Josevki owner of Lotus Caravans that she discovered the full extent of her and Ron’s loss. None of the money they had paid the dealer for their van had been passed on to the manufacturer and their $100,000+ was gone.

“It was devastating. We thought we were going to have to sell our house. We knew we could never afford another van”, said Julie.

But, the caravan industry fraternity being who they are and in particular George being George, he wasn’t going let this happen.

Secretly, George got in touch will all the suppliers needed to build a van to the specifications of the van Julie and Ron thought they were getting.  “It didn’t take long, once the suppliers heard their story for people to come on board and help get Julie and Ron on the road” says George.

Imagine how surprised Julie and Ron were to receive the news that they were getting the caravan they thought was gone forever!  A spectacular Lotus Trooper was waiting to be handed over to them at Freestyle RV in Melbourne.

All the suppliers, including George Josevski were there for the handover and it was a very happy and relieved Julie and Ron who gladly accepted the keys from George.

This is truly a great story and George Josevki is a prime example of one of those big-hearted industry people who along with all the suppliers (listed below) turned a terrible situation for one couple into a really great story about the generosity and comradery of the Caravan Industry as a whole.

We wish Julie and Ron safe and happy travels in their new Lotus Trooper.

Caravan Industry News would like to give a huge WELL DONE!!! to the generous companies listed below:

Lotus Caravans

Freestyle RVs

G&S Chassis






Primal Wheels

Caravan Industry Victoria

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Julie and Ron Gray are your nice, every-day people.  They thought they were doing the right thing when they decided…


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