The Quiet Achiever


How well do you really know your work colleagues? They turn up every day, work hard, do their jobs and go home… but how much to you really ‘know’ them?

Enter – Harry Anderson, who has joined the Parable team as a Producer / Director … but wait – thats not all that Harry does, Harry can Edit with the best of them, and recently we found out that Harry is an all rounder, he can shoot as well!

But wait, theres more… but before I let you know what it is: this is the ‘new world order’ in TV and film making. The ‘all-rounder’ era is upon us. Whilst ‘most’ have one or two of the talents – ie shooter / editor – our star performer Harry has it all – shooter / editor / director / producer and more…

Harry is a ‘quiet achiever’ and doesnt boast about his talents, we had to find out many of them on our own – we also had to find out on our own that Harry is also an AWARD WINNER… his short film ‘Rubbers’ won the Best Short Film at Melbourne’s Underground Film Festival, and just recently, Harry won the award for Best Cinematograher for a short film called ‘Dummy’, in the ‘Milan Online Film Festival’.

We would like to congratulate Harry, our very own quiet achiever, on his growing list of awards and achievements and let him know we are very happy he is a part of our growing team.

Enjoy his short film Rubbers & Dummy – next stop the Logies? The Golden Globes? The Academy Awards? 😉

Warren Parrot – General Manager – Parable Productions

Best Short Film – RUBBERS


Harry Anderson