Sometimes the story tells itself…

Sculpture By The Sea

Story by Warren Parrot, short Film Produced by Warren Parrot, Filmed & Edited by James Manson, Original Music ‘Windy Day by the Sea’ by James Manson

Our company is called Parable Productions. For those that don’t know, a ‘parable’ is a ‘short story told well.

Earlier this year when in Perth on Business, whilst in what we thought was the sleepy sea side town of Cottesloe, my great mate and I, James Manson stumbled upon a once a year phenomenon called ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ – this is an annual event in WA which also graces the beaches of Bondi in NSW every October / November.

It is a free event to the public, though donations are welcomed, and people in their ten’s of thousands turn out, each year to see the unique, beautiful, magnificent, strange and bizarre sculptures and creations spread out across the beach and coast line created by artists from all around the world. Every year is different. Every year offers a new set of creations to be discovered.

We happened to have our camera in tow, and decided to cover this amazing must see event – you can see the results of this in the short video we created. The setting of the sculptures in Cottesloe was no accident. It was chosen for its natural ampitheatre, it was a natural choice.

James was so blown away by the experience, he decided to write and produce the music overlaying the story to help express how it made him feel on that day, and that time surrounded by the artists creations.

It wasnt hard to create this short film – sometimes the story ‘tells itself’ – it was a pleasure to do so… please enjoy…

To see ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ for yourself, the next available opportunities are:

Bondi Beach in NSW Australia – 20th Annual Exhibition – 20th October – 6 November 2016
Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia – 13th Annual Exhibition – 3rd – 20th March 2017

For more information –