Principles of Advertising

Principles of Advertising

Oscar Wilde is once reported as saying “there’s nothing new in this world except the history you haven’t read yet!

And so it is with Advertising and the use of computers. As an old Advertising Agent we dealt with all media newspapers, magazine, radio, television, outdoor and direct mail, fairly straight forward generally measurable and highly efficient

Today with the advent of multimedia we still have uses for traditional media but often it’s the springboard for new electronic age our video and photographs form the basis for colour and illustration on our websites social media and E-Magazines,

We produce a lot of footage never destined to be viewed in our TV program that’s highly useful in the new multimedia and can inform and provide functional reference in singular and viral circumstances….. but the principles of advertising remain the same.

The old AIDCA formula still remains as strong today as it ever was.

A is for attention – if you don’t capture the target audience everything else is irrelevant.

I is for Interest – having caught their attention we must hold their interest, not necessarily to buy, but to find out more.

D is for desire – generally as a successful western society we are NOT needy people…. So we have to create WANT, the desire is to own whatever we are selling.

C is for Conviction – to reassure the intending purchaser that the product/service is good and reputable. Things like established 1954, offering a 20 year warranty or using a well known public figure as presenter can create great credibility.

And finally

A is for Action – To get the receiver to either visit your website, sales yard, call you on the phone or respond with a coupon is the ideal.

I guess that at Parable we go one better because our advertising is so diverse the many messages we generate when you form a marketing partnership with us continues on and on, forever.

Happy Hunting,

Col Parrot