An interview in a Cab? What a great idea!

Sometimes, to create great content you have to think outside of the square. 

Icon Films Australia contacted us earlier in the year. They wanted our help with a new Australian Film starring Michael Caton & Jackie Weaver called ‘Last Cab to Darwin’. The movies content being very Australian, and actually showcasing some of Australia’s most iconic locations between Broken Hill in NSW and Darwin in the NT, and the fact that it was based on a ‘real life story’ and road trip lent itself perfectly to our very Australian TV Show – Whats Up Downunder.

The trick was – how to incorporate the promotion of the movie in to our TV Show and Multi-media? Tom Kaliamos, our Head of Production came up with the idea of shooting an interview with Michael Caton in the back of a ‘Cab’.

With some expert help of our team, we rigged up the Cab with a number of Go Pro’s and sound – put Michael Caton with Macca in the back of a cab and a highly unique interview about a ‘great Aussie movie’ was born.

What started as an interview became a great campaign and partnership with Michael joining our team in Darwin for a special episode of Whats Up Downunder…

Coupled with Magazine and website articles, we also ran a competition to giveaway BlueRay DVD’s of the movie months later when the movie finished its highly successful run at the cinema’s.

Congratulations to Michael and the team at Icon Films – we hear that the movie has done exceptionally well in Australia and has headed overseas – it was great to play a part in its promotion. A film we as Aussies can truly be proud of!

We have included a few behind the scenes photos below:


An Interview in a Cab? What a great idea!

An Interview in a Cab? What a great idea!